Commissioned Critique is an ongoing series of essays commissioned by the Sandberg Instituut and semi-independently edited by Rosa te Velde and Michelle Kasprzak. Commissioned authors include: Clare Butcher, Eloise Sweetman, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Angela M. Bartholomew, Philip Coyne, Ayesha Ghanchi, Yolande van der Heide, Annee Grøtte Viken, Miriam Wistreich and Simone Zeefuik.

In these essays, various authors reflect on issues specific to artistic MA programmes in general, yet taking Sandberg as their main case study. The series aims to look critically at how to create learning environments that produce a generation of artists, designers and thinkers that can claim spaces in the real world and set their own agendas.

The goal of this series is to encourage deliberation and dialogue within Sandberg and among art schools more generally.

The essays are designed by Corine van der Wal and the website is designed by Mateo Broillet. Former editor: Huib Haye van der Werf